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Est. 2014, Manchester UK.
PARIAH PRESS is an independent contemporary art publisher and research-led design studio. Specialising in innovative literature and photography, we co-create mass-market paperbacks, photobooks, exhibition catalogues, pamphlets, zines and ebooks.

Our published works attempt to engage in critical dialogues with and explore notions of: exile, the underdog, mental wellbeing and censorship.

Founding Editors: Jonny Walsh & Jamie Lee
Board: Jonny Walsh & Adam Griffiths

Distribution: Central Books Ltd. // PARIAH PRESS
Retail: Compass IPS // PARIAH PRESS
Editorial Coordination & Marketing: Jonny Walsh
Design: Adam Griffiths, Steven Cherry & Jonny Walsh
{Consult individual titles for fullest detail}


Benedictions ~
Alexandra Pereira
Andrew Biswell
Cath Annabel
Julien van Anholt
Mark Hodkinson
Matt Walsh
Our mums

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